Traditional Cremation Services in Pittsburgh

Devlin Funeral Home offers a variety of professional cremation services that are affordability priced to help your family during their time of need.

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    Traditional Cremation Services in Pittsburgh

    Devlin Funeral Home offers a variety of professional cremation services that are affordability priced to help your family during their time of need.

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      Choose the right arrangement with our cremation services at Devlin Funeral Home.

      Cremation hasn’t always been the first choice for many people, especially in the West, but it has become a more common preference in recent years.

      A major driving factor, here, has been the environmentally conscious impact cremation has in comparison with a traditional burial.

      At the end of the day, we believe this decision always depends on personal preferences; from religious observances and environmental concerns to the comfort of family and loved ones.

      At Devlin Funeral Home, we provide the supportive services you need throughout every step of the process. No matter what you choose.

      What You Need to Know Before Choosing Cremation Services:

      When it comes to funerals, there are a million things to think about. Just remember, though, that there is no such thing as the right or wrong option to choose from.

      There’s only the option that feels right for you at this point of time.

      A few things you should know before making a decision on which affordable cremation services to choose from, however, is the impact of your decision.

      Many opt for cremation because it is gentler on the environment; especially in comparison to a burial, which may leave behind harmful formaldehyde and non-perishable metals and materials from funeral caskets.

      Although cremation does take up a fair share of energy and still releases certain gases into the atmosphere, this impact will largely depend on the service you choose.

      If sustainability is important to you, doing your research and comparing services will help you choose the most suitable cremation option for your requirements.

      Cremation Services That We Provide:

      • Cremation plans
      • Preparing permits and death certificates
      • Custody and taking care of the body
      • Publishing funeral notices and obituaries
      • Arrangements for the funeral service (transportation and burial if transport to a distant location needs to be arranged)
      • Supervising and planning the funeral service or memorial
      • Organizing your chosen musical arrangements
      • Coordinating with the clergy or religious arm of your choosing
      • Transportation for family members and loved ones (prior to, during, and after the cremation)
      • Arrangements for cemetery space, floral arrangements, monuments, grave opening and closing

      We’re Ready to Lend a Hand

      If you have any questions about the arrangements ahead or inquiries about burial and cremation services in Pittsburgh, we’re here to help. For more information about our cremation services, please call us on 412-364-0510 or 724-772-8800. You can also email us at Alternatively, fill out our contact form and our team will be in touch with you shortly.

      Answers to Questions You May Have

      Yes, there is. You can choose to host a funeral service prior to cremation or a memorial service prior to, or after, the cremation. You can even opt to inter, scatter or store the ashes following a cremation. A direct cremation that does not involve a funeral service is the most affordable option. If you choose to have a service or memorial to honor the individual, hosting this function will cost more. Both these options, however, still cost less than a burial and service. We help you organize your preferred event with our services.

      Following the cremation, you can choose to keep the ashes stored in a permanent urn made out of metal (either basic or semi-precious), ceramic, or wood. Temporary urns can also be made out of less permanent materials such as plastic or cardboard.

      Yes, many cemeteries offer places made specifically for ashes or you can choose to bury the ashes in a traditional burial plot.

      How we lay people to rest often depends on religious preferences. This isn’t always the case, however, and many modern methods are often selected based on environmental impact and family traditions. Discussing cremation with your relevant religious leader or a trusted individual can help you make the most informed decision.

      There’s a lot to think about but some of the main things you need to consider are:

      • Whether you want to host a funeral service or memorial before or after the cremation
      • Whether you want a casket designed for cremation
      • Whether you want the ashes to be buried, interred, or returned to the family in an urn
      • Whether you want a direct cremation or a traditional service followed by the cremation

      We help you plan everything according to your specific requirements. Simply get in touch for our support.

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