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For many families, choosing to cremate their loved ones can be a difficult choice. But it may be more affordable than a traditional burial. Find out what you need to look into when choosing affordable cremation services.

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    Choosing Cremation Over Traditional Burial

    Many cultures and religions around the world choose cremation as a way to lay their loved ones to rest. However, over the years, cremation has become a more common option for bereaved families in the United States.

    Deciding to cremate your loved one can be a difficult choice but cremation may be a better choice for some families, depending on their circumstances. Also, in most cases, cremation may be a more affordable option when compared to a traditional burial.

    When should you consider cremation?

    Here are several reasons you may choose cremation to lay your loved one to rest:

    1. Ensures Cost-Effectiveness

    Losing a loved one suddenly can leave you and your family in a difficult position as you may not have the right financial resources in place for a traditional funeral. Cremation can help make the funeral more affordable as you can choose to forgo the costs of securing a burial plot and a headstone.

    2. Allows Choice of Resting Place

    After cremation, your loved one’s ashes will be placed inside an urn or any other container of your choosing. This way, the ashes can be distributed among family members and friends or kept at home. You may even choose to spread the ashes in a place that is important to your loved one.

    3. Makes Sure Burial is Still an Option

    Even after cremation, you can still choose to have your loved one laid to rest through a burial. This can be done by placing the urn containing your loved one’s ashes in a vault and burying the vault in a regular cemetery plot. Also, you can choose the burial at any time after the main funeral service.

    What should you look for in affordable cremation services?

    Cremation services are now offered by many funeral homes in Pittsburgh. Here are a few things you should look for when choosing affordable funeral homes for cremation:

    1. Traditional or Direct Cremation

    Choose a funeral home that offers both traditional and direct cremation. Traditional cremation involves cremating the body after the funeral services end but direct cremation involves cremating your loved one’s remains immediately after death, without embalming or having a funeral service. This may be a more affordable option for some families.

    2. Expansive Urn Selection

    Urns for ashes can be expensive depending on the material you choose. Look for a funeral home that offers a wide selection of funeral urns, including inexpensive cardboard or pre-made urns that are far more affordable than custom or hand-made urns. Also, speak to the funeral home assisting you about urn vaults if you choose to bury the ashes later.

    3. State License and Insurance

    When you hand over your loved one’s remains for cremation, you want to be assured that the remains will be handled with care and respect. Check if the funeral home of your choice has all the necessary state licenses and that all staff members who are responsible for handling your loved one’s remains have the required insurance in place.

    Devlin Funeral Home—affordable cremation services in Pittsburgh

    At Devlin Funeral Home, we do everything in our power to help you through the difficult task of laying a loved one to rest, making the process as stress-free as possible.

    With our affordable Pittsburgh cremation services, we support you every step of the way and try our best to help you lay your loved one to rest the way they would have wanted.

    With our professional funeral services, we support you every step of the way and try our best to take away the stress involved in planning a funeral so that you and your family have more time to come to terms with your loss.

    Administrative processes aside, the process of cremating a body can take a few hours.

    Yes, depending on the crematorium you choose, friends and family may choose to witness the cremation. However, it’s best to inform the crematorium in advance.

    If you don’t choose to have a traditional funeral service before cremation, the embalming process can be skipped entirely.

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