Thomas Edward “Tommy” Bodine

January 04, 2002 - January 27, 2019

Thomas Edward “Tommy” Bodine

Age 17, of Marshall Twp., passed away unexpectedly on Sunday, Jan. 27, 2019. He is now in the presence of his heavenly father. Tommy was born on Jan. 4, 2002, beloved son of Edward Joseph, and Susan Elizabeth Bodine. Brother of Rebecca Elizabeth Bodine.
Because Tommy loved the outdoors, especially during the spring time, a celebration of his life will be held this spring. Further details will be announced later.
Tommy touched the hearts of all he came in contact with. He was loved so dearly by his family. He will forever be in our hearts and we look forward to rejoicing in heaven with him one day. We love you our little Angel. Mom, Dad, and Rebecca

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  • John Blake

    Hello Eddie and Family….So sorry to hear of the loss of your Son. We give thanks that Jesus bestowed upon Tommy, 17 years with his loving parents and family. It has been said many times that old friends are a blessing and I think back on the time when we were very close and were able to lean on each other for support. I wanted to share a meditation of the day with you all…..I thought it was fitting and could offer some consolation & comfort. Try to reflect on what God did for Tommy. How God blessed him!
    “What is time, with regard to myself? It is my present and actual existence. Past time, or my past existence, is no longer anything, as far as I am concerned; I can neither recall it, nor change anything in it. The time to come, or my future existence, has not yet arrived, and perhaps never will arrive. It does not depend on me; I cannot count on it … No one is ignorant of these two simple truths, but very few draw from them the conclusions they ought to draw … This present moment, or this actual existence—from whom do I hold it? It is He who has preserved my existence from one instant to another, and who is preserving it at this present moment. Will He preserve it for me in the moment that shall immediately follow this one? I do not know; and nothing in the world can give me the assurance of it. Why has time been given to me? So that by it I may merit a happy eternity. I shall live forever: faith teaches me this; my reason even assures me of another life. The desire of immortality is implanted in the depths of my heart, and this desire, which God Himself has planted there, can never be frustrated of its object. I am, then, born for eternity, but this eternity will be happy or wretched … My fate for all eternity depends, then, on the use I make of time, and since neither the past nor the future is in my own power, it is quite true to say that my eternity depends always on the present moment. Now, at this present moment, what is my state? Would I like to die just as I am now?”
    — Fr. Jean Nicholas Grou, p. 82-83 an excerpt from “The Spiritual Life”
    I will be lighting a candle for Tommy and your family today & my family will be praying for you all.

    Old Friends,
    I love you,

  • Sally Rea

    Ed, Sue & Rebecca- You are all in my prayers. I am confident that where Tommy is now, there is a gentle breeze, warm sunshine and that he is pain free.
    Thank you for entrusting him to our team. I was very blessed to have him in our room for several years. He taught me patience, determination and how to laugh and enjoy the little things in life more fully. 💞💞


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