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Planning a funeral can come as a shock for many people, especially when a loved one passes away suddenly.

This is made more challenging by the grief you may be experiencing during this time.

Unfortunately, there’s a lot of work that goes into planning a funeral, and there are many things that you need to consider when you do, including the wishes of the person who died, the costs involved, and whether you want a traditional funeral.

Today, many professional funeral services specialize in planning and carrying out all these arrangements, including burial or cremation. They manage and supervise the proceedings and ensure you have the support you need to celebrate the life of the dead and sympathize with the family.

Here’s what you can expect.

They take care of pre-funeral preparations

The first thing funeral services do is transport the deceased from the place of death; they are usually on call 24/7 to support anyone who needs them.

After retrieving the deceased, they prepare the body for the funeral, which generally includes washing the body, embalming, and dressing it based on the requests of the family.

If you choose to have your loved one cremated directly, funeral services can transport the body straight to the crematorium if needed.

They contact the clergy

Professional funeral services will contact the clergy or any other religious figure of your choice if you’re interested in following certain traditions at the funeral.

This is especially useful if you’re honoring the requests or wishes of the person who has passed away but aren’t sure how to go about this process.

They manage the flower arrangements

Flower arrangements are a must-have at traditional funerals and is a reason why many funeral homes maintain contacts with professional florists who provide a wide range of funeral flower arrangements and styles.

They give you the choice of picking the flowers you want and once the order is placed, they coordinate the delivery and setup of these arrangements.

They handle the legal aspects of the funeral

Many people are unaware that there are several legal aspects to planning a funeral, including securing a plot at the cemetery for burial and making the death certificate.

Funeral services will help you meet these legal obligations with minimal confusion, stress or error on your part.

They write obituaries

Funeral homes also offer the option of writing obituaries carrying as much, or as little, detail as you like. Given their contacts with local media, they also coordinate getting the notice published in local newspapers.

Certain funeral homes may even publish the obituary on their websites with the family’s consent.

They secure burial plots at cemeteries

Before the funeral, your service providers will coordinate with local cemeteries to secure a plot for burial. Once they have all the information, they will communicate with you on the costs and regulations pertaining to the burial so you can make the necessary arrangements.

They provide transport during the funeral

Whether it’s transporting the body or the guests who arrive at the funeral, certain service providers will undertake all these aspects of the occasion as well, ensuring that it progresses as smoothly as possible with minimal stress or disruption for the grieving family.

They manage music for the funeral

If you want curated musical accompaniments for the funeral, organizers will make the necessary arrangements for you.

Not only are they knowledgeable about the appropriate selections for funerals but they also maintain relationships with professional musicians who can perform on the day. 

They make arrangements for the cremation or burial

When it comes to the burial or cremation, funeral services support the selection of the casket or the post-cremation arrangements you have in mind. From choosing an urn or having the ashes burning in a cemetery plot, you can leave the coordination of these arrangements to them once you’ve expressed your requirements.

Plan meaningful arrangements with professional funeral services

Modern funeral services eliminate the stress that is an inherent part of this time by taking over all the planning and coordination off your hands. When you trust your preferences and requests to them, you can take the time you need to process what you may be feeling and support your loved ones too.

Get in touch with professional funeral homes in Pittsburgh for funeral planning support and services today.

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