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Pre-arranged funeral plans allow you to pre-arrange your funeral and are often chosen by individuals to relieve their loved ones of the emotional toll of planning a funeral.

The purpose of pre-arranged funeral plans is to spare them from having to make stressful decisions while grieving, and relieve some—if not all—of the financial obligations that befall them.

Making prior arrangements for your funeral is far from an easy task. That is why, today, you can hire a family funeral service to assist you, and guide you to make crucial decisions without feeling overwhelmed.

Let’s unpack how a funeral planning service can help you make the necessary arrangements for a pre-planned funeral.

They help you make informed decisions

Making crucial decisions about your own funeral can be overwhelming.

When you rely on family funeral services, they can explain the elements you need to understand and ease you into the decision-making process.

For example, having knowledge about the costs and expenses you need to bear for a funeral arrangement will help you make a suitable choice about matters like the burial or cremation option, memorial planning, funeral accessories, and floral arrangements.

A family funeral service also comes with the experience of planning final rites. This means they have the capacity to assist you in other endeavors beyond financial planning, like choosing a casket, creating personalized urns, or setting up a memorial fund.

You may already have your preferences regarding the type of funeral arrangements you are interested in; the knowledge of a funeral planning service can help you with selecting the best fit for your preferences and needs.

They help you determine your payment options

One of the reasons why a lot of people turn towards pre-planned funerals is because they are financially convenient, saving your family members from bearing the full brunt of expenses.

According to the National Funeral Directors Association,  the estimated expense of a typical funeral is around $7,000. This amount varies with the type of arrangement you choose—cremation or burial, type of urn, type of casket or coffin, floral arrangement, and memorial.

Plans that go beyond traditional funeral arrangements, such as body donations and green burials, will also affect the final funeral cost and should be thought through so that you don’t make hasty decisions that exceed your budget.

Pre-planned services also include other payment options based on installment plans. Your funeral planning service can help you choose a viable plan that suits your financial capabilities, while also taking all your options into consideration.

They can communicate how you want to be remembered

Discussing how you want to be remembered with your loved ones is a difficult conversation to have. Family funeral services can help you overcome this challenge by communicating your wishes to your family.

Involving a funeral planning service lets you find a way to unite your memorial preferences meaningfully and help your family arrange a memorial service that compliments your personality, and takes the burden off your loved ones.

You can also ensure that your memorial is being held at the location of your preference—this could be the funeral home, your place of worship, graveside, your home, or some other location.

They ensure that your final wishes are met

Although this aspect of a pre-planned funeral can be difficult to get through, the experience of a family funeral service can make it easier.

For example, if burials are your preference, communicating to your funeral service ensures that your specificities are met; like where you wish to be buried or your preferred cemetery.

If you want to forego traditional services and donate your body for scientific research or anatomical study, funeral planning professionals can help you here as well; with their help, you can work out a specific plan ahead of time, negotiate the idea with your family, look into medical schools and research facilities and determine the best option for you.

In case your wishes contradict that of your loved ones, a funeral planning service can ensure that your wishes are respected while simultaneously avoiding disagreements.

Family funeral services help you pre-plan a funeral effectively

Planning your funeral may not be an easy task, but deciding your funeral arrangements in advance can offer your family peace of mind during an emotional time. 

With the help of a family funeral service, you can map your plans effectively and ensure that it’s easier for both you and your family.

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