Pre-Arranged Funeral Plans

Funerals can be a very difficult and emotionally draining time for any individual, and the challenges of planning a funeral can aggravate the difficulty of this time.

In many cases, a loved one may pass away when you least expect it. This means that family and friends need to put their grief aside and come together quickly to get everything in place for the funeral.

One arrangement that many people opt for today, to circumvent this chain of events, is a pre-arranged funeral plan.

According to the National Funeral Directors’ Association, 15.8% of young Americans between the ages of 18 and 39 believed that people should pre-arrange their funerals before they hit 40 years of age. The American approach to funerals is changing, and more people are open to the idea of a pre-arranged funeral.

Pre-arranged funerals allow you to plan out every aspect of your funeral, letting you choose how you want to be remembered. These pre-planned funerals can also help you take a lot of stress off the shoulders of your loved ones.

In this post, we’ll take a look at what you need to know if you are considering pre-arranged funeral plans.

You can plan your finances in advance

Funerals can be costly events, and putting together the necessary finances for funeral costs may be very difficult for your loved ones, especially while they’re grieving.

When you pre-arrange your funeral, you’ll have the ability to use your own finances to fund it, saving your loved ones from having to think about these costs when the time comes.

Knowing that the funeral expenses have already been paid for, your family members may just need to focus on other aspects of the funeral, such as flower arrangements or transport during the event. Of course, these aspects may be pre-arranged as well if you like.

It’s a more convenient and compassionate option for your loved ones

It’s no surprise that when people are grieving, their emotions are running high, which may lead to poor oversight and conflicts between family members during the funeral planning process.

Decisions also need to be made relatively quickly when it comes to funeral planning, which means that your loved ones may be pressed for time during the planning process.

Having to make quick decisions during the mourning period could lead to issues such as delays or being unable to secure a plot in the cemetery, if your wish was to be buried. This can lead to further emotional distress if the funeral planning is not smooth.

When you have already pre-arranged funeral plans, you can prevent your loved ones from having to experience this potential conflict. Every aspect of the funeral can be planned out, including having a plot or vault prepared in advance.

Your loved ones will have peace of mind knowing that the proceedings align with your wishes, and you’ll give them more time to spend with each other to get through the mourning period.

You can personalize your funeral and memorial services

With pre-arranged funeral plans, you can make sure that your funeral is aligned with your wishes. You can choose how you want to be remembered, and how you want your remains to be handled; burial or cremation.

You can also add personal touches such as the music that will be played at the funeral, what you want your epitaph to say on your headstone, and whether you want it to be a closed or open-casket funeral.

When your funeral is pre-planned according to your preferences, your loved ones can rest assured that all your wishes have been honored.

Pre-arranged funeral plans can be a final parting gift to your loved ones

There are many reasons why an individual may opt for a pre-arranged funeral. Whether your reasons are practical or sentimental, this option will let you have the final say in how the event will be held.

It can also be a way of reassuring your loved ones during a difficult time and saving them the many obstacles involved in planning a funeral—giving them more time to come to terms with their loss.

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