Funeral Flowers

Funeral flowers are an integral part of any funeral service and are usually sent to a grieving family as a sign of conveying your sympathy or condolences.

These flower arrangements are usually displayed at the funeral service or can be sent to the family home.

If you have recently lost a loved one and aren’t able to attend the ceremony, flowers are a way of being a part of the service although you’re not there in person, or if you’re planning a funeral, you might have to take over the task of choosing funeral flowers for the service.

When selecting suitable flowers for a funeral, there are two main aspects that you should consider; the type of arrangement and the type of flowers you want in the arrangement.

Pick the most suitable type of flower arrangement

The task of choosing funeral flowers is usually carried out by the person who was closest to the person who has passed.

But before picking the perfect flower, you must pick the ideal flower arrangement to honor a recently passed loved one.

It’s completely up to you—whether you want to have an elaborate flower arrangement or a simple one. Most reputable funeral homes provide a wide selection of funeral flowers to choose from, making the selection process easier.

According to your preferences, you can select the type of flower arrangement from the following options:

  • Sprays are floral arrangements meant to be viewed only from the front; they’re placed on an easel which is directly placed on the ground
  • Casket sprays are placed on top of the casket and come to a point on both ends of the coffin; this arrangement can be arranged into any symbol of your choice
  • Wreaths are circular floral arrangements that signify eternal life; these floral arrangements can be placed on an easel or hung
  • Bouquets are usually placed in vases and placed around the funeral home; floral baskets, posies, and container arrangements are also popular choices

Select the most suitable type of flower for the arrangement

Putting together a floral arrangement for a funeral service requires a certain kind of process to ensure that the flowers signify and honor the memory of your loved one.

Here are some of the most common flowers used in funeral floral arrangements and the meanings behind each flower.


They typically signify love but depending on the color you choose, you can proceed to add it to a funeral floral arrangement.

Dark red roses at a funeral convey grief and sorrow, while a single rose symbolizes the enduring love for the departed.


They are a common choice for most floral arrangements for a funeral and come in different varieties and colors.

White lilies are said to signify the soul of the departed returning to a state of innocence and Stargazer lilies are usually sent to grieving family members as a sign of sympathy.


They are flowers that can last a lot longer than most flowers, which makes them an ideal option when arranging a floral arrangement for a funeral.

These mildly fragrant flowers come in white, which signifies untarnished love; red, which symbolizes admiration; and pink, which denotes remembrance.


They are made up of multiple flowers and the stem can measure up to 4 feet, which makes them a popular choice for sprays at a funeral service.

They signify strength, moral integrity, and sincerity and can be found in a variety of colors, including yellow, orange, salmon, and green.

Enlist the help of a reputable funeral service when choosing funeral flowers

During a time of emotional duress, enlisting help from professional funeral services can relieve a lot of the burden that you already have to carry.

When it comes to selecting the right floral arrangement for a funeral, a reputable funeral planning service can assist you in picking out the ideal arrangements to honor and respect your loved one.

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