Hunter Strang

June 13, 1999 - November 26, 2017

Service: Private

Hunter C. Strang, age 18, of Ohio Township, tragically passed away on Sunday, November 26, 2017. Beloved son of Ward and Julie (Runberg) Strang; Devoted grandson of Bob and Mary Strang, Shirley Runberg, and the late Ken Runberg; Loving nephew of Rick Runberg and his wife Michele; Cherished cousin of Gavin and Nathan Runberg, and Jessie, Isaac, and Rebekah Ellis; Also survived by many loving relatives and friends. Services will be private. Hunter was an avid outdoorsman, enjoying numerous activities such as fishing, hunting, mudding, and quad-riding. He was a 2017 graduate of Avonworth High School, where he was the captain of the cross country team. Hunter had countless friends across the country, from Pennsylvania to Wisconsin, Kansas and Montana. He especially loved his dogs and his ’85 Ford pickup and his Honda Fourtrax.

Memorial contributions may be made in Hunter’s name to the National Wild Turkey Federation, (Legacy Memorial Giving Program) PO Box 530, Edgefield, SC 29824-0530,

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Guest Book Signatures

  • Art and Joye Fitzgerald

    Ward and Julie…My heart ached for you as Art told me the tragic news. As I read down these beautiful memorials I realized how some things never change, even years later. When his friend spoke of the campfire I remembered Ward’s, when they spoke of a lively young man I remembered a darling rambunctious toddler. Hold on to the memories as they are your only comfort. May God bless you and keep you. Know you are in our thoughts and prayers.

  • Rock and Kathy Sherman

    Ward and Julie, Our hearts go out to you for your loss. Our prayers our with you and your family through this time of need.

    Sincerely, Rock and Kathy Sherman

  • Paula Holcombe

    Ward and Julie, We were saddened and heartbroken to hear about Hunter. Please know that you and your family have been and will continue to be in our thoughts and prayers. With love and our deepest sympathies, Bob and Paula Holcombe

  • Douglas Tjelmeland

    Hello Ward and Julie, With much sorrow and sympathy to hear of Hunter’s passing. GOD’s strength and prays for you and your family.

    Welcome told me and I just can’t quite wrap my head around this. Always enjoyed meeting you both and cheering on Hunter at our numerous meets for Cross Country and also in passing at school and being neighbors. I enjoyed talking to him and also shooting his pictures at the meets and I do have those images for you if you would like them. Such a pleasant and courteous young man!!!! May GOD hold him and may Hunter sing his song’s for us to hear and cherish forever!!!

  • Jack Truman

    It’s tragic that I only got to see Hunter once since 7th grade over this Thanksgiving break, and then he was gone so soon after that. I’m grateful for that short time together last week, and for the many memories I have with him from grade school when he was one of my best friends. Just know that all of his friends in Wisconsin are thinking of you and mourning the loss of our great friend.

  • Rick and Michele Runberg and Family

    November 26th 2017 at about 4:30am, our lives changed forever! Hunter will be forever missed, but never forgotten. He no longer lives here on earth, but will always be alive in our memories and hearts.

  • Larry A Crilley

    Words can not being to tell you how sorry we are for your loss. Hunter was a great friend to our son Matt. Matt’s tears have subsided, but I know he thinks of Hunter each day. I pray you receive some peace.

  • Shirl Brown

    We are so deeply saddened today upon hearing about your free spirited Hunter. I will always remember and celebrate with memory on my birthday as we share the same month and date. I also have a wonderful memory of sitting by the fireplace in my backyard with you all and watching the fire roar. Hunter was smiling away -adding more and more wood wondering if I would finally say “uncle”. I can still see the crack in it from the heat that he was so proud of…
    We love you both.

  • Leigh McKinsey

    No words, which could never be enough. Just heartfelt prayers and thoughts.

  • Travis Hryckowian

    After hearing about Hunter’s passing, it was hard to believe someone so young could be gone already. I only hung out with Hunter a few times due to a mutual friend, Ryan Nicklaus. My prayers go to his family and all of his good friends.

  • Gary and Christine Hamilton

    No words can express the sorrow we are feeling for you.
    Please know you are in our prayers.

    Gary and Chris

  • Jill Ballew (Dugan)

    There are absolutely no words that will reduce the worst pain you could probably ever imagine. A friend once told me, “Grieving is the price we pay for loving well”. Somehow that helped me, in my own grief, when I was ready to understand it. I know this finds you completely heartbroken, and I’m heartbroken for you. Please know you have many who love you are are thinking about you during this time. Love you both, Ward and Julie.

  • Carrie, Mike & Tucker Crabtree

    Julie & Ward,
    We are all deeply sadden by the loss of your beautiful son. We will keep Hunter in our hearts and remember the good times the boys shared together. Deepest Sympathy to you and your family, you are in our thoughts and prayers.
    Sincerely, Mike, Carrie & Tucker Crabtree

  • Loretta Burns

    Ward and Julie,
    We are praying for some kind of peace and comfort for you both as you face this most difficult time in your lives. Hunter was loved by so many and lived his short time here on earth to the fullest. We love you both so much and we will be here for you. We are heart broken for your loss.

    With our deepest sympathy,
    Scott and Loretta Burns

  • Mary Decheine

    I am so sorry for your loss.

  • Neil Hanlon

    Teachers never forget their students. Hunter, thank you for making me better at my job. You will be missed.

  • Carolyn Colenbrander

    Your family is in our constant thoughts and prayers and our hearts break for your loss. We remember Hunter and his cross country days fondly and hope that in time your memories will bring you comfort.

  • Lisa Heinsberg

    My deepest sympathies go out to Julie, Ward and all of Hunter’s family. He will be greatly missed. May God bless all of you.

  • Rip Rucker

    Our Prayers and deepest condolences are with the entire Strang Family with the loss of Hunter.

  • Holly Mullaney

    Robert is my son and was Hunter’s roommate at Rocky Mountain College. Though I did not meet Hunter, I got to hear of the many good experiences and adventures that he and Robert had during their time together. I was glad Robert had the great good fortune of getting such a lively and compatible roommate. His friends are so devastated and I am heartbroken, especially for his parents. I am grateful that Robert got to know such a wonderful young man even if their time together was brief.

  • Brooke Baurle

    My thoughts and prayers are with you Julie and Ward. I am so sorry for your loss!

  • Patricia Schaffner

    Julie and Ward – Our deepest sympathy to you. Hunter was a wonderful young man who was caring and helpful to all he came in contact with. He will be missed by all. Our prayers are with you. The Schaffner Family

  • Bill Seethaler

    Words cannot express this sorrow, many prayers coming your way for family and friends.

  • Terry & Brenda Koskovich

    Ward and Julie,

    Our hearts are deeply saddened to hear about Hunter. Please know our thoughts and prayers are with you during this difficult time, and always.

    Terry & Brenda

  • Staci Mattson

    Words cannot express how deeply saddened I am by the loss of your son Hunter.
    My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family.

  • Kerry Crilley

    We are so sorry for your loss. Matt will miss his friend. He will remember the fun times he had with him at cross country, playing video games and bonfires at your home. You are in our prayers.


    When A Friend Bids Goodbye

    © Kathrine Yee Baraquia

    Published: August 2008

    My dear friend,
    close your eyes…
    hold my hand,
    and hear me whisper…

    For the times I was lost,
    you were there to look for me.
    Will you believe me when I say I love you more than you’ll ever know.
    Will you trust me when I say …this time you have to let me go.

    My dear friend, I must leave.
    The world no longer needs me.
    It’s my time to be gone, until we meet again someday.
    Don’t you cry now, I know I’ll be okay.
    Trust that I’ll never forget you.
    Don’t be sad now, just close your eyes until it’s through.
    Hold my hand, don’t open your eyes yet…
    wait when I no longer whisper..

    My dear friend, you’ll be fine.
    I’ll be up there watching over you.
    For the times I’ll be gone, don’t ever forget
    the words I whispered to you.

    God calls on my name… and I have to let go of your hand now…
    Please don’t cry… and smile for me..
    because I’m with the one who made us friends.

    Remember, I’ll always love you.
    so come, wave me goodbye…
    It’ll be painful but we have to…
    Hug me, hug me tight, feel the words I can no longer say.

    My dear friend, I’m going to miss you.
    just pray because I’ll always listen.
    and one day, when it’s your time,
    I’ll be there for you…
    Just like the way I used to.


    Just One Thing I Should Have Said

    He is a friend to remember,
    A friend I miss so much.
    I think about all the laughter
    And even the times we’d touch.

    I know you know the score now
    As you look down from above.
    You see me full of sorrow
    ‘Cause so much of you I love.

    I wish I had the chance,
    But you decided you had to go.
    That night you asked me for that dance
    I should have told you so.

    But as every day has passed,
    I can almost feel you near.
    I just always thought you’d forever last
    But now it’s you I cannot hear.

    Just one thing I should have said
    While you were still down here,
    But you stepped inside that bloody shed,
    Though I will always hold you near.

    I know to heaven you have been led.
    You’re my angel up above,
    But just one thing I should have said.
    It was you I always LOVED.


    Seasons Of Grief

    © Belinda Stotler

    Published: February 2012

    Shall I wither and fall like an autumn leaf,
    From this deep sorrow – from this painful grief?
    How can I go on or find a way to be strong?
    Will I ever again enjoy life’s sweet song?

    Sometimes a warm memory sheds light in the dark
    And eases the pain like the song of a Meadow Lark.
    Then it flits away on silent wings and I’m alone;
    Hungering for more of the light it had shone.

    Shall grief’s bitter cold sadness consume me,
    Like a winter storm on the vast angry sea?
    How can I fill the void and deep desperate need
    To replant my heart with hope’s lovely seed?

    Then I look at a photo of your playful smiling face
    And for a moment I escape to a serene happy place;
    Remembering the laughter and all you would do,
    Cherishing the honest, caring, loving spirit of you.

    Shall spring’s cheerful flowers bring life anew
    And allow me to forget the agony of missing you?
    Will spring’s burst of new life bring fresh hope
    And teach my grieving soul how to cope?

    Sometimes I’ll read a treasured card you had given me
    And each word’s special meaning makes me see,
    The precious gift of love I was fortunate to receive,
    And I realize you’d never want to see me grieve.

    Shall summer’s warm brilliant sun bring new light,
    And free my anguished mind of its terrible plight?
    Will its gentle breezes chase grief’s dark clouds away,
    And show me a clear path towards a better day?

    When I visit the grave where you lie in eternal peace,
    I know that death and heaven brought you release;
    I try to envision your joy on that shore across the sea,
    And, until I join you, that’ll have to be enough for me.

    For all the remaining seasons of my life on earth,
    There’ll be days I’ll miss your merriment and mirth,
    And sometimes I’ll sadly long for all the yesterdays;
    Missing our chats and your gentle understanding ways.

    Yet, the lessons of kindness and love you taught me,
    And the good things in life you’ve helped me to see;
    Linger as lasting gifts that comfort and will sustain,
    Until I journey to that peaceful shore and see you again.


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