Custom Cremation Urns

The death of a loved one is one of the most difficult and painful events anyone can experience.

During this time, you go through a whirlwind of emotions, such as depression and sometimes, even guilt. During this time, you may also ask yourself how you can celebrate and memorialize your loved one in a way that reflects their individuality and accomplishments.

One underrated way to memorialize your loved one is by finding a custom cremation urn, also called a personalized cremation urn, for the storage of your loved one’s ashes, if cremation was their preferred ceremony to lay them to rest.

A customized cremation urn is a unique casket that can be specially designed and customized as per your requirements and wishes. It can be a great symbolic way to house the ashes of your loved one and at the same time honor and celebrate their life.

Let’s take a look at what customized cremation urns offer, how to get the perfect personalized urn, and what the types of personalized cremation urns available are.

What custom cremation urns offer

There are numerous benefits in selecting such an urn for the ashes of your loved one. Here are some of them:


Such a cremation urn will enable you to choose and modify it based on your loved one’s character or essence, interests, hobbies, beliefs, or any other factor that made them who they were in life. The shape, size, color, material, design, and style of the urn are you and your family’s to determine.


Alternatively, you can incorporate engravings, sculptures, paintings, photographs, images, names, dates, or messages. With such embellishments on the cremation urn, not only can you pay tribute to your loved one but also add your personal touch in a way that no one else can.

Comfort and healing

You can get both comfort and healing from a personalized cremation urn. It can help you deal with grief and loss better because you have a concrete and visible symbol of those who are no longer physically with you. It can also make you feel closer or connected to your loved one.

Celebration and cherishing

This type of cremation urn can also help you share and keep your memory of the life of your loved one alive and remember the legacy they left behind. You can use it to capture your loved one’s personality, accomplishments, interests, ideals, and anything that portrays them.

It’s also an avenue that could highlight the memories, and narratives that you had with your loved one.

How to get the perfect custom cremation urn

Here are a few things you could try to find the right personalized cremation urn:

  • Consider the personality, interests, hobbies, beliefs, or anything else that was meaningful to your loved one. Ask yourself, what did they enjoy doing, seeing, hearing, or feeling? What was their passion, dream, or goal in life? What made them happy.
  • Shop online or in specialty stores to see what varieties and types of customized cremation urns are available. You may also ask anyone you know who has bought a personalized cremation urn before for advice.
  • Contact an artist or a company that can help you make or find the right personalized cremation urn you’re after. You can describe your ideas and wishes to them, and they will help you design the perfect urn. Make sure to look at their portfolio to get an idea of the quality of their urns.
  • Select the personalized cremation urn that you feel most connected to and comfortable with. Determine whether the urn you choose matches the features and qualities you want, including size, color, shape, material, pattern, and style. In addition, make sure that it’s within your budget and timeline, and ensure that it’s delivered to you safely and securely.

What the different types of custom cremation urns are

Here is a look at all the different kinds of personalized cremation urns that you can choose from:

Biodegradable urns

These urns are perfect for those who want a green option, as they are made of eco-friendly substances such as paper, salt, and sand and dissolve when buried or placed in water.

Artistic urns

These urns are designed by artists and can be decorated to characterize the personality or hobbies of your loved one using various artistic styles and media.

Themed urns

These urns cover a wide variety of hobbies, jobs, and loves, such as sports, music, and nature as well as army or religious motives.

Photo urns

These urns feature pictures that can be applied directly to the surface. The urn may also be decorated with multiple smaller pictures.

3D-printed urns

These urns can be created in any shape or form using modern technology, thereby providing a great deal of personalization.

Speak to a funeral home for custom cremation urns

Selecting such custom urns for the ashes of your loved one is a very beautiful and meaningful way to honor their life. Deciding on how you’re going to go about choosing an urn for your loved one can be a difficult process, so speak to a funeral home that specializes in cremation services for guidance.

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