Cremation Urn Flower Arrangements

Cremation has become one of the most common ways to lay a loved one to rest.

If your loved one had chosen to be cremated after their passing, you may feel like there aren’t many ways to honor your loved one. While you can choose a special cremation urn for your loved one’s ashes, you can still personalize them using flowers.

Flowers offer a way to honor your loved one in ways that words can’t. By decorating your loved one’s urn with beautiful flower arrangements, you can tell their story with the language of flowers.

There are many ways that you can use flower arrangements to personalize your loved one’s urn and honor their memory. Let’s take a look at some unique cremation urn flower arrangements.

1. Seasonal Flower Arrangement

Depending on the time of year you’re holding your loved one’s funeral or memorial, you can try having cremation urn flower arrangements that reflect the season.

For example, for spring, include pastel-colored flowers, such as hyacinths, daffodils, and tulips. For summer, go for more vibrant colored flowers, such as roses, sunflowers, and daisies to invoke a sense of warmth.

There aren’t many flowers that grow during the winter months, so for winter funerals and memorials, you can decorate your loved one’s urn with evergreens and holly berries.

2. Personalized Flower Tributes

After losing someone, it can be incredibly hard to express how you feel about them in words. But with the help of flower arrangements, you can describe your loved one’s personality, their achievements, what made them stand out as a person, and what they loved in life.

Choose flowers that have specific meanings; for example, roses, which symbolize love. In addition, try to include flowers that hold some significance to your loved one, like their favorite type of flower or a flower that is commonly found at a location that is important to them.

3. Timeless Simplicity

You don’t always need to have a grandiose flower arrangement for your loved one’s funeral urn—sometimes simplicity is best.

Instead of choosing many different types of flowers, try only using one kind of flower, preferably one that holds some significance to your loved one. Some good flowers to include in a flower arrangement like this are elegant white orchids which can be placed around the urn in a radiating style.

4. Meaningful Accessories

Flowers aren’t the only components that make cremation urn flower arrangements what they are—you can also add some accessories to make the arrangement more meaningful.

Some nice accessories to include are ribbons, pictures of your loved one, family heirlooms, and brooches. If your loved one was a child, you can include their favorite toys or cutouts of cartoon characters they liked.

5. Memorial Garden Arrangement

Rather than opting for a traditional funeral flower arrangement for your loved one’s urn, you can go with an arrangement that looks like a memorial garden.

For this arrangement, try using a variety of greenery and flowers that mimic the many elements that you can find in gardens. Also, you can incorporate small mossy rocks and miniature garden accessories to add more texture and depth to the flower arrangement.

6. Sports Team Flower Arrangement

If your loved one was a sports fan in life, you can create a flower arrangement that includes the colors of their favorite sports team.

Choose flowers that match the colors of the sports team they like and arrange them in the shape of the team’s logo. In addition, you can include some of the team’s memorabilia in the arrangement to truly convey your loved one’s admiration for the sport.

Speak to a funeral home about cremation urn flower arrangements

Flower arrangements for funeral urns are a very meaningful way to show your love and appreciation towards a loved one. Sometimes, it can be difficult to decide how you’re going to create this flower arrangement when you have so many thoughts going through your mind.

To create the perfect flower arrangement for your loved one’s urn, speak with a professional funeral services provider in your area.

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