Bereavement Flower Arrangements

When a loved one passes away, bereavement flower arrangements can help honor their memory.

Grieving the loss of someone close to you can be a very difficult time in your life, but unique flower arrangements can be beautiful reminders of how your loved one was in life. They can also be a way for you and your family to express how you feel about the loved one you’ve lost, without putting it in words.

During the process of planning the funeral, coming up with ideas for bereavement flower arrangements can be challenging. You’ll be busy planning other aspects of the funeral while grieving your loss at the same time.

To help make planning flower arrangements easier for you and your family during this difficult time, here are some unique flower arrangement ideas that you could take inspiration from.

1. Funeral Crosses

If your loved one is a person of the Christian faith, bereavement flower arrangements in the shape of crosses can symbolize their religious beliefs and how much their faith means to them.

The process of creating a floral cross is very much the same as creating a wreath and you can still choose the kinds of flowers that you want included. Roses, lavenders, lilies, and orchids are all good choices for floral crosses.

2. Giant Floral Wreath

Usually, floral wreaths are small in size and presented on easels, placed in front of the casket. However, having an oversized memorial wreath is also an option.

Since the wreath is very large, it can be used as a backdrop or centerpiece for the entire funeral service. This can help gather the visual energy of the place where the funeral is being held.

3. Candlelit Wreaths

Wreaths don’t always need to be set on easels, instead, you can choose to hang them. If the funeral is being held outdoors, the wreath may be hung from the branches of trees.

As for the lights, you can incorporate candles into the wreath. However, if you have safety concerns about using candles, you can simply use LED lights instead. If the funeral service is held indoors, you can still use the hanging wreaths by attaching them to lighting fixtures. 

4. Floating Flower Arrangements

This flower arrangement style uses transparent plexiglass pedestals to create the illusion of the flowers floating. This type of floral arrangement can add an ethereal element to the funeral service.

You can also try placing one floral arrangement on the floor around the pedestal and on top of the pedestal to create more visual interest and dimension.

5. Keepsake Flower Vases

If you plan to hold a memorial service shortly after the funeral of your loved one, you could place keepsake flower vases on the tables for each guest. These flower vases act as beautiful tabletop decorations and they can also be taken home by your guests as mementos.

Some flowers that work well for these vases are tulips, roses, and lilies. To make the vases more meaningful to the memory of your loved one, you can include a small card with your loved one’s favorite quote, song lyric, or a line from a movie they loved.

6. Custom Flower Arrangements

Personalized flower arrangements are a beautiful way to celebrate who your loved one was and what they loved. For example, you could have flower arrangements shaped like football t-shirts with the color and logo of your loved one’s favorite team.

If your loved one was a child, you can opt for flower arrangements shaped like their favorite toys or animated characters that they liked.

Choose the perfect bereavement flower arrangements for your loved one

Flowers are a simple but meaningful way to remember your loved one. Flowers can represent many things—love, affection, brilliance, and youth, to name a few. Through flower arrangements, you can tell the story of your loved one and show everyone how much they meant to you.

Speak with a funeral home in your area to discover more funeral flower arrangements.

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