How Traditional Cremation Services Can Offer Solace to Loved Ones

When a loved one passes away, it can be a very turbulent period for close family and friends.

It’s a period of a variety of emotions and mourning, and traditional cremation services can help family and friends come to terms with the passing, giving them a familiar service that can offer solace in difficult times.

Here’s everything you need to know about a traditional cremation service, so you can decide whether it’s a suitable end-of-life service for your loved ones.

How do traditional cremation services work?

Traditional cremation services are as close to what you would expect from a traditional funeral or burial service.

They will look and feel just like traditional funeral services until the end when the body is cremated rather than buried. Depending on the preferences of the family, however, the ashes can be buried as well.

A traditional cremation service starts as you would expect, with a viewing, where the body is displayed in what’s usually a rental casket.

During a viewing, family and friends can see the deceased and offer condolences to the family.

This service is often an important one, as it can be the last time attendees see the deceased before they’re laid to rest, which can help people with acceptance of the passing.

This is followed by a funeral service, which will also have the body present. This process is again identical to a regular funeral service.

Once the viewing and funeral are over, instead of taking the body to the burial site, the body is taken to a crematorium to be cremated.

The ashes are then kept in an urn.

At this point, a traditional funeral service would include a graveside service. A traditional cremation service, however, will only include this service if the ashes are buried.

Often, the ashes are returned to the family for them to keep. Other times, the ashes can be scattered in a scattering ceremony.

Finally, a memorial service is held to remember the deceased in a more casual setting.

As there’s no time limit following the cremation for any of these services to occur, everything following the cremation can be held weeks or even months after if so desired by the family.

This can allow for the family to process the death and plan these services with a clearer head.

How does this service compare to a direct cremation service?

A direct cremation service often forgoes most funeral services, with the body cremated directly after death.

It can include a small funeral service or a memorial service after, but this is not a requirement.

This is one of the cheapest options for cremations, while a traditional cremation service is one of the most pricey options.

A direct cremation service, however, offers less opportunity for families to mourn and often feels more impersonal to the deceased.

Who is this service for?

As direct cremation often feels quite impersonal, traditional cremation services often offer more solace to families and friends of the deceased.

This service provides a sense of familiarity during a highly turbulent time and can help people come to grips with the passing.

Since most will be familiar with the process of a traditional funeral service, they’ll know what to expect and will be better prepared to accept the death.

This service is also perfect for those who are part of a religion that requires a traditional funeral service, such as Catholicism.

The Catholic Church does not encourage cremation but it has become accepted in recent times. They still, however, prefer it if families make sure that they celebrate their loved one’s life with a traditional cremation service.

They also recommend that the cremated ashes be buried, which means that these traditional cremation services will also require a graveside service.

Offer solace to the bereaved with a traditional cremation service

Dealing with the death of a loved one is always tough. A traditional cremation service can help you and those who were close to the deceased process this time in a familiar way.

This type of funeral service is widely available, and with the help of a funeral home, you’ll be able to plan a cremation service that will honor the life of the deceased.

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