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Having to take on the burden of planning and organizing a funeral for the first time after you lose a loved one can be a daunting task.

Especially without the proper guidance and a checklist of what has to be done, it can be extremely strenuous. Also since you yourself are grieving, you’d want to take some time for yourself to accept the reality of the situation and come to terms with it.

This is where professional funeral homes can be of assistance to you. They offer several services, from cremation to any legal documentation you’d require for a funeral, which will allow you to plan a funeral service that will reflect your loved one’s personality and honor them with the respect they deserve, providing you with the mental space you need.

Over the years, funeral traditions have changed and so have the services offered by funeral homes in Pittsburgh. They now offer a variety of comforting solutions to help bereaved families in their coping journey. In this blog post, we’ll be looking at some of these services offered by professional funeral homes.

Planning Pre-Arranged Funerals

If someone were to suggest to you that pre-planning your own funeral is beneficial, you may consider this an unsettling thought. But pre-planning funerals can relieve the burden on your family, both mentally and financially.

Most funeral homes and families have come to understand the value of pre-planning one’s own funeral. One benefit of pre-planning a funeral is that you are able to customize your own funeral according to your preferences, making it more intimate. Secondly, this allows you to fix a specific budget that will help you with the rising funeral costs.

Pre-arranged funeral packages ensure that you have the complete authority to make decisions regarding your own funeral. In addition to funeral planning, processes that Pittsburgh funeral homes are able to assist you with include gathering and organizing vital documents such as wills, and binding documents that your family may not have time to seek out while dealing with their own grief.

Preserving Cherished Memories in Keepsake Jewelry

Losing a loved one who is dear to your heart does not imply that you have lost them forever. As heartbreaking as it is, it is also a natural part of our life cycle. The purpose of organizing a funeral is to celebrate the life your loved one lived and offer a cornerstone for the family and friends to accept what has happened.

Families will cherish the memories they have made over the years with intimate memories and keepsakes such as albums and videos. There is now a choice for keepsake jewelry. In Pittsburgh funeral homes, you can find a memorial pendant and necklace that you can use to save a photo of your loved one or, in some cases, some of the deceased’s ashes.

Wearing this jewelry close to your heart represents how you can carry your loved one with you wherever you go, offering you a feeling of companionship and assuring you that you haven’t completely lost them. Rings or bracelets on which you can engrave initials or a biblical verse of their choice make good souvenirs too.

Funeral homes collaborate with professional craftspeople to design unique bracelets featuring the deceased’s name, initials, or birthstones, which sometimes can be used as heirlooms that will be passed on for generations. The significance of different types of keepsake jewelry is, therefore, all-encompassing, leaving you with a piece of your loved one for a long time.

Expressing Heartfelt Condolences with Flower Arrangements

Flowers are one of the most common funeral offerings, and it is also one of the services offered by funeral homes. Flower arrangements have evolved with time to become more symbolic than they were before. People now convey their feelings utilizing the meanings behind specific flowers. For example, lilies are found in most flower arrangements for funerals as they signify sympathy.

Funeral homes in Pittsburgh have improved the art of floral arrangements to create stunning displays that express true grief and respect. Speak to your local funeral home after making sure they offer this service and check if they’ll be able to provide you with floral arrangements that reflect the deceased’s personality, character, or even interests.

In acknowledgment of the importance of environmental concerns, several funeral homes offer biodegradable flower arrangements. These arrangements are made with environment-friendly materials, paying homage to both the deceased and the world. Moreover, if your loved one was environmentally conscious, these flower arrangements would be ideal.

Taking these heartfelt arrangements a step further, funeral homes are now increasingly working with landscape professionals to create memorial gardens that can provide a place of peace and quiet for the deceased’s family to come together and remember their loved one in an idyllic environment. Such a garden can offer much comfort to the bereaved after the passing of their loved one.

Services offered by Pittsburgh funeral homes can help ease the grief journey

Pittsburgh funeral homes have broadened their horizons to offer more heartfelt services to the bereaved to lend a helping hand through their grief journeys. These services are now usually personalized in order to suit those who passed on. As a result, funeral homes now cater their services to focus on assisting families in navigating the grief process in a healthy manner.

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