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Pre-planning your funeral can be a tough process to go through.

You may feel a variety of emotions as you try and plan for the future, but it’s important as it can ensure that your final wishes are carried out and spare your family and loved ones the stress of planning a service during such an overwhelming time.

When speaking with or researching a funeral home that offers professional cremation services, asking them specific questions is a good method to determine if they’re a reliable service.

Using the questions listed below you can get a good idea of whether or not a funeral home is right for you.

How long has the funeral home been in operation?

The most peace of mind can be provided to you by a long-standing provider.

If a company has been operating for 20-30 years or longer, you can be sure that they’re able to offer professional cremation services that are stable and will continue to operate.

When making long-term plans, especially if you’re paying for cremation services in advance for the future, this is crucial.

How does the funeral home guarantee availability at the right time?

If you’re pre-planning, you’ll want to know that your family can get in touch with your provider without difficulty whenever a crisis arises. Inquire about your cremation service:

  • What should your loved ones do in an emergency?
  • Does the provider have a guideline-containing checklist, document, or website?
  • What are the provider’s business hours?
  • Can one reach a member of staff after hours?
  • If so, will one get a prompt answer, and if not, how long will it be until a call or message is returned?

Will the funeral home provide my family with 24/7 bereavement assistance after I pass away?

Cremation services that offer end-of-life services must be able to help grieving family members in a variety of ways.

The funeral home is there to assist your family in making sure that any requests for arrangements are honored and that the procedure is as quick and easy as possible.

Most funeral homes should offer assistance and knowledge in obtaining legal forms, death certificates, and such, but some homes may not have bereavement assistance services available.

You should, therefore, make sure the provider is qualified, experienced, and has worked with families of all kinds, which includes providing this type of assistance.

Is the price or package inclusive of everything?

Some family members of people who pre-plan start working with a funeral home based on a service’s quoted pricing, although that price may be deceptive.

When you start working on pre-arrangement, the funeral home may try to sell you add-ons and overcharge for those goods to make up for the low advertised price. The published price might just cover a few very basic services, making the cost appear to be very inexpensive.

Ask questions to make sure you know exactly what you’re receiving for your money. You can ask to see a general price list to see what’s included in the advertised price. You can even ask what kinds of items might be desirable or necessary but not part of the initial cost.

It’s also useful to know that the law mandates funeral homes and crematories to present customers with a documented price list. Consider this while deciding on a supplier if they appear reluctant to provide complete pricing information.

How much money is held in trust by the home?

People frequently don’t consider asking this question, but it’s crucial if you’re pre-arranging your cremation—you can only then be certain that a supplier will have the means to continue offering the services you just paid for.

Professional cremation services that keep a fixed sum of money in trust to pay for potential requirements are the solution.

When money is held in trust, it’s deposited into a designated account and not withdrawn unless necessary for a particular use (in this case, to render the cremation service that you’ve contracted with).

Pre-plan your funeral with professional cremation services

You can get the best professional cremation services by asking the questions mentioned above and any additional questions you may have when you look into and speak with funeral service providers.

By putting in some effort, you’ll be able to make decisions with confidence and provide your family with compassionate, all-inclusive services.

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