Writing Obituaries and Funeral Notices

One of the most crucial things you can do to express your love for your guardian and protect their memory is to write heartfelt obituaries and funeral notices for them after their passing.

Although it may seem daunting, you don’t have to tackle it alone.

We are here to offer a guide to help you get through the process of writing a funeral notice along with advice on what to include to turn a plain obituary into a heartfelt piece of writing.

Getting started is always the most challenging part. First, you can look at examples to give yourself an idea of what you want to say.

Now that you have a rough idea of what an obituary entails, here are some things you can add.

Share a family story

There are many examples of how to write funeral notices for a loved one, but it can be especially painful when reminiscing about a parent.

This is why it’s a popular option to recall joyful memories. What’s your favorite tale involving your parents?

Something from your early years with your loved one, such as a fun family vacation incident, a wonderful birthday present, or a time when you could truly tell they loved you?

It can be a tale that everyone enjoys sharing whenever you get together or it might be a tale that holds a unique meaning for just you.

As a reminder of a memorable occasion in your parent’s life, you can include the tale in the obituary.

Use a quote from your parent

Did your mother or father have a catchphrase, joke, or favorite statement that you always associate with them?

It’s possible to include the quote in both the obituaries and funeral notices—it will make the memories even more vivid.

You might incorporate some of your parent’s final messages to you and their other loved ones too.

Describe their successes

What did your parents take particular pride in? An essential component of writing a funeral notice, or even a cremation notice, is listing their finest accomplishments.

Share their personal best in a marathon, any military medals received, or any professional recognition received—it can be as simple as county fair blue ribbons won or anything else that brings a proud grin to your face.

Detail the manifestations of their affection

Some parents express their love to their children daily, while others may not express it as often, yet do several small and big acts of kindness for them.

A mother or father’s parenting style and the methods they demonstrate their affection through reveal a lot about them.

Reminisce these snippets from your time together to add that personal touch.

Draw an image of the past

There’s history in your parents’ years, particularly if they lived a long life.

A good tip on how to write a funeral notice is to engage your audience by sharing the childhood tales they shared with you.

For you and future generations, preserving these tales in their obituaries and funeral notices will keep that history alive.

Tell a tale about love

Love is a great aid when you are unsure of how to write a funeral notice. Share any heartwarming or amusing details about your parents’ enduring love that were shared with you.

Readers will like learning about or remembering the remarkable relationship your parent was a part of—love stories are appearing increasingly frequently in obituaries.

Get assistance

Even if you may have offered to write your parent’s obituary, other family members are still welcome to contribute and give you advice on how to write a funeral notice.

You might inquire if any of your siblings, aunts, uncles, or grandkids have a memory or anecdote they’d like to share in the obituary.

Consider in particular your relatives who were close to your parents and/or who are skilled writers.

Obituaries and funeral notices for a parent: Make it personal

Your parent is one of the most significant people in your life.

If you have been chosen to write obituaries and funeral notices for a parent, the most important part of writing it is honoring this person’s life most memorably.

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