How to Prepare Funeral Memorial Cards

A funeral memorial card, also known as a funeral program or a memorial service program, is a printed document that serves as a tribute to a person who has passed away.

It’s typically distributed to guests attending the funeral or memorial service and serves as a keepsake for them to take home.

Memorial cards can also include a variety of information, such as the deceased’s name, photograph, birth and death dates, as well as the order of service or program for the funeral or memorial.

Such memorial cards may also contain poems, prayers, or other tributes to the deceased, as well as information about any charitable donations or organizations that the family wishes to support in memory of the deceased.

Memorial cards can be customized to reflect the unique personality and life of the person being remembered and can serve as a lasting and fitting tribute to their memory.

Here are the steps you can follow to create a funeral memorial card, or you may hand over this task to a funeral service provider who will be taking care of all the funeral arrangements.

Choose a Design

Decide on a design that reflects the personality and style of your loved one. This could be a favorite pattern or even a favorite picture. You can choose from a variety of templates online or create your own design and inform your funeral service provider about your choice. Your funeral service provider may even be able to offer you some options that you can choose from.

Select a Photo

Select a photo of your loved one that you would like to include on the memorial card. Choose a photo that is clear, high-quality, and captures their essence. Most use more than one picture, so you could include pictures with family and friends as well. You may provide your funeral service provider with multiple pictures so they can compile them and create a suitable funeral memorial card.

Write the Text

A message or poem that honors the memory of your loved one would be a lovely addition to the memorial card. It could be written by you or even a friend or relative of the deceased—about a short story or a trip down memory lane to remember your loved one. You can also include their name, birth, and death dates, and any other details you feel are appropriate.

Pick a Printing Method

Decide on a printing method that you would like to use for the memorial card. You can print them at home using a printer or your funeral service provider can have them professionally printed at a print shop. It would be best to hire a professional as you would want to print in bulk and they would have the expertise to carry out a bulk order.

Print and Distribute

Once your funeral service provider has the completed design and text and draft of the memorial card, you can inform them to go ahead and print them. Distribution can also be carried out by them—you’ll have to tell them who needs to receive the memorial cards. You can also share them digitally or post them on social media.

Honor the life of your loved one with a funeral memorial card

A funeral memorial card can offer comfort to those who are grieving by providing a sense of closure and offering a way to remember their loved one. It can also provide a sense of community and support by bringing together family and friends to honor the life of the deceased.

Hiring a professional funeral service provider would be helpful as you can let them know the services you require, including preparing the memorial cards.

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