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Losing a loved one is one of the most difficult experiences a person can have.

Sometimes, the loss can be sudden and unexpected, and when this happens, you and your family might not know what to do next.

After your loved one’s passing, you may choose to hold a funeral in their honor, or depending on your loved one’s wishes or your family’s decision, you may choose to cremate them.

Despite what most people think, cremation doesn’t mean you can’t have a traditional funeral service. If you choose to, you can have an entire funeral service for your loved one, with the only difference being your loved one’s remains being cremated after the service instead of being buried.

But if you wish to do this, you may want to get a casket for cremation to house your loved one’s remains. This blog post will look at caskets for cremation, also called cremation caskets, and how you can pick the right one for your loved one’s funeral.

What makes a casket for cremation different from one for burial?

Unlike traditional caskets that are used primarily for burial, these caskets are designed to be cremated along with your loved one’s remains.

Cremation caskets are usually made with materials that can burn safely during the cremation process. Also, these caskets won’t leave behind non-combustible materials after the cremation is complete.

The ashes left behind after the cremation can be gathered into a jar, without metal parts and other non-combustible materials needing to be removed.

Why choose a cremation casket?

A cremation casket offers a dignified way to present your loved one’s remains for viewing so that attendees of the funeral can pay their respects. After the funeral proceedings, the casket, along with the remains, is cremated.

Since the casket is fully combustible, it ensures a thorough and complete cremation.

What are the types of cremation caskets?

Here are some common types of cremation caskets:

1. Traditional Cremation Caskets

These caskets look similar to traditional caskets that are used for burials. However, they’re made entirely of wood and other fully combustible materials. Also, traditional cremation caskets may have decorations for viewings and other funeral services before the cremation.

Additionally, depending on where you get the casket from, the supplier may offer to customize the casket.

2. Cremation Containers

Unlike traditional cremation caskets, these are far simpler and usually made from affordable materials like plywood or cardboard. Cremation containers are not used for viewing purposes and only serve as a vessel for your loved one’s remains when it’s sent for cremation.

3. Rental Caskets

Rental caskets are only used to house your loved one’s remains for the viewing and funeral service. After the funeral services are concluded, the remains will be removed from the casket and sent for cremation. The casket will then be returned to the funeral home.

Rental caskets aren’t customizable but you may be able to find some designs that are meaningful to you and your family.

4. Sustainable Caskets

If you’re looking for an eco-friendly cremation casket for your loved one, consider choosing one made from biodegradable materials such as seagrass or wicker. These caskets can be cremated along with your loved one or you can only use them to house the remains before cremation.

After the body is removed for cremation, the casket can be discarded. But thanks to its eco-friendly nature, it won’t cause any damage to the environment and will naturally decompose.

What should be considered when choosing a casket?

Now let’s look at a few things that you should consider before buying a cremation casket:

1. Budget

Cremation caskets tend to be cheaper than traditional caskets, depending on the material and the level of detail. They can cost as little as $899 at some funeral homes and casket providers.

Consider your budget carefully and look for an affordable casket that will leave you with enough money for other aspects of the funeral.

2. Aesthetics

If you want to give your loved one a very personalized funeral service, you should consider choosing a cremation casket with the right design elements.

Since cremation caskets, even the most intricate ones, don’t have metal finishes, you should consider getting a rental casket instead. Rental caskets can have all the design elements you need and may even be cheaper than some cremation caskets.

3. Funeral Services

If you plan on having a traditional funeral service before cremation, you should consider buying a traditional-looking cremation casket or a rental casket. Otherwise, you can opt for a cremation container.

4. Personal Choice

If your loved one specifically picked a type of cremation casket, you should consider going with that. In case your loved one left behind a will, check to see if they mentioned a specific type of casket.

Frequently Asked Questions

Below are some commonly asked questions to consider when searching for cremation caskets:

1. What size cremation casket do I need?

Cremation casket sizes are standardized to accommodate most adults. Discuss specific needs with your funeral director.

2. What happens to jewelry or valuables placed in the cremation casket?

These items will not be recoverable after cremation due to the high temperatures. You may remove the jewelry just before the cremation.

3. How can I ensure the cremation casket I purchase meets legal requirements?

Look for certifications from organizations like the National Funeral Directors Association (NFDA) or the Cremation Association of North America (CANA). These certifications indicate the cremation casket meets industry standards and legal requirements for cremation.

Speak to an expert today

If you’re unsure which cremation casket to choose, you should consider speaking to a funeral home. Funeral directors at funeral homes, as part of their professional cremation services, can help you find the ideal cremation casket after considering your budget and your and your family’s personal needs.

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