Prepaid Cremation Plans

Losing a loved one is always painful, and planning the funeral for them can leave you feeling overwhelmed in those moments.

If you wish to relieve this burden from your family, planning your funeral in advance is one of the options for you. By setting up the funding and other arrangements in advance, you can take both the financial and the emotional strain of planning the farewell for someone close to them.

Today, more and more people are making prepaid cremation plans to save loved ones the stress of having to do it during such an emotional time.

Prepaid cremation plans have also become a popular choice as they allow you to set aside money to take care of large expenses that follow a funeral arrangement.

What happens in prepaid cremation plans

A prepaid cremation is a funeral arrangement that’s paid before one’s demise and provides a way for people to pay and arrange their own funeral before they pass.

The total amount to pay always depends on individual preferences—the type of service, floral arrangements, and where you want the funeral rites to take place.

There are also different ways to pay for a preplanned funeral, and you can choose a convenient option depending on your preferences and financial concerns and complete the payment in monthly installments, paid directly to the funeral home.

What are the expenses typically covered by a prepaid cremation plan?

A prepaid cremation is customized to include the services and rites you prefer for your funeral. This may include all the expenses from funeral home services, the casket, flowers, transportation, and any other service you require.

After you’ve decided the list of everything you want to include in the funeral, the funeral home will quote a price that will be the basis for your policy.

Here, a guaranteed plan is the most cost-effective plan. Once you specify the exact services you want and agree on the prices, that fee is locked in.

Your loved ones won’t have to pay more than what you’ve already paid, even if prices go up with time—the same protection isn’t offered in nonguaranteed plans.

How to pay for your prepaid cremation plan

The plan is set with a funeral home that’s been paid ahead of time—the money has already been paid or has been set aside for this purpose. The payment is made in monthly installments directly to the funeral home.

You can also work with a prepaid contract provider and make the payment via them.

What are the pros of a prepaid cremation plan?

There are several reasons why people opt for prepaid cremation plans.

  • With a guaranteed plan, you can secure cremation services at current prices—even if prices go up.
  • You can avoid any conflicts that may arise when different parties prefer different options for funerals
  • Since cremations include comparatively low prices than a burial, you will have lesser expenses to incur.
  • You can arrange the type of funeral you want and have peace of mind knowing that your final wishes will be honored
  • You can gain peace of mind knowing that your loved ones won’t have to take the burden of funeral planning after you’re gone.

Are prepaid cremation plans right for you?

If you do decide to work with a funeral home on a prepaid funeral, just make sure you understand the terms of the agreement and check for protections in your state, as laws do vary.

A prepaid cremation is the right option for you if you,

  • Wish for an eco-conscious funeral
  • Prefer an affordable cremation service
  • Want to relieve your loved ones from emotional and financial burden

Prepaid funerals make funeral arrangements more convenient

The task of planning one’s own funeral may not be the easiest thing to follow through.

By preplanning the funeral, however, you can reduce the cost, emotional trauma, and conflicts that may arise during traditional funeral planning.

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