5 Reasons to Consider Funeral Pre-Planning Services

To be faced with the thought of a loved one’s death is never pleasant.

It’s not something that we like to think about, which is why pre-planning a funeral is something that many don’t consider.

This doesn’t make it any easier, however, especially because the unexpected nature of these events often leads to a heavy emotional and financial burden placed on the family.

Considering funeral pre-planning services can help you give your loved ones the support they need to deal with any unexpected events. This way, your family can focus on grieving without taking on the pressure of planning out a funeral because the funeral home takes care of all these needs.

See below for some reasons as to why you should consider funeral pre-planning services:

1. To ease the burden on family

When we lose someone close to us, even the simplest of tasks can seem insurmountable.

Funerals are events that often have to be planned immediately after a death, which puts family members suddenly in the midst of planning a large and expensive event while dealing with enormous grief.

If you can arrange some of the most pressing needs of a funeral in advance, however, the easier it will be for your family to cope during this time.

They will be able to focus on supporting each other in this time of loss instead of stressing over the details of the last rites.

2. To ensure your wishes are followed

Funeral pre-planning services can also ensure that you have the freedom to decide every detail involved with the funeral.

Simply communicating these wishes to loved ones does not always mean they will come to fruition, and can be a difficult conversation to have with them.

By pre-planning, all your preferences will be taken care of including whether you want to be buried or cremated, whether you want to have a life celebration or a traditional memorial, or whether you want a long eulogy from a priest or a few short words from friends and family.

3. To take on financial responsibility

It’s no secret that funerals are expensive—sometimes costing upwards of $7,000. By pre-planning a funeral service, you can take the time to research the best arrangement for your means and ease the financial burden on your family.

You will be able to cover the funeral costs and ensure that your family will not have to worry about dealing with the expenses.

Not only will this be significantly more affordable funeral services, but most funeral homes will also offer installment packages so you can take on the cost over an extended period of time.

4. To reduce family conflicts

In times of emotional stress, it is easy for conflicts to form. If you are yet to outline your funeral wishes, your family will be left trying to piece together the best way to honor you.

As each individual will have a unique relationship with you, and an idea of what will be most appropriate, this can lead to unnecessary tension during the funeral planning process.

You can take away the potential for conflict to occur by making arrangements in advance.

5. To provide a meaningful funeral for your family

A funeral is an important event for grieving families. Psychologically, it provides a sense of closure, and allows for the healing process to begin.

It is difficult to see a ceremony as fitting if it is planned in a short time under stressful conditions.

By using funeral pre-planning services, you will be able to arrange for a send-off that your loved ones will appreciate, and allow them to take comfort in the fact that it’s true to your own wishes.

A proper goodbye

At the end of the day, we all just want to give our loved ones a proper goodbye.

With funeral pre-planning services, you can ensure that everything important is taken care of while respecting the wishes of everyone involved.

While it can be a tough subject to broach, it can make sure that you are prepared for the worst in the most practical way possible.

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