Funeral Flower Arrangements for Caskets

While a funeral carries a somber tone, it’s not just defined by formal ceremonies and religious rites.

Expressing our respect and sentiments towards the deceased, and commemorating their life is also a part of the funeral tradition and a way for friends and family to find closure after a departure.

All over the world, flowers have been an important symbol of these traditions and our ability to express condolences to a grieving family or symbolize what the deceased meant to you. Beyond being a beautiful and subtle way of conveying our grief, the varied meanings associated with different flowers have—for a long time—served as a symbol of hope, faith, and love.

That said, it’s also important to understand that each floral arrangement means something different—both in terms of what it means and how it should be delivered. Being aware of the etiquette surrounding funeral flower arrangements for caskets and knowing the appropriate flowers and floral arrangements to send is important when it comes to sending the right message in these instances.


By talking to an experienced florist or even a funeral home, you can get a funeral bouquet with different flowers deemed suitable for funeral traditions.

Bouquets made for funerals are generally placed in baskets without a handle.

Casket Sprays

Casket sprays, also known as casket covers, are the most common type of traditional funeral flowers for caskets. Traditionally, they are sent by an immediate family member of the deceased.

These flowers are designed to be spread on the casket and can either be of the full casket type—flowers placed through the length of the casket—or the lid type—flowers sprayed only over the lid.

Floor Bouquet

While casket sprays are placed specifically on the casket, a floor bouquet, as the name suggests, is intended to be placed on the floor. They are usually placed around the casket and displayed at the funeral.


These arrangements generally come in a circular shape, but can also be heart-shaped and are often placed next to the casket. Wreaths and floor bouquets are two alternative funeral floral arrangements for caskets when the family prefers to not put flowers directly on the casket.

With their circular shape, wreaths symbolize eternal life and can be sent to the family as a gesture of sympathy.

You can get custom-made funeral bouquets to pay homage to the deceased. Alternatively, you can make a customized arrangement to convey your sympathies.

Floral etiquette when sending funeral flower arrangements for caskets

Traditionally, flowers symbolize hope, the ability to move forward, and often bring a sense of warmth to grieving family and friends at a funeral ceremony.

If you’re sending out flowers, there are certain practices you need to stand by to make your gesture more meaningful and respectful.

  • The flowers should always reach the funeral home before the family. If this isn’t possible or you’re unsure if the flowers will arrive on time, send them to the home of the family.
  • When taking flowers to the funeral house for the demise of an immediate family member, it’s advisable to send out casket flower arrangements like casket covers, funeral crosses, or a personalized bouquet or arrangement.
  • When sending floral arrangements for a distant relative, wreaths, easel sprays, and bouquets are considered more appropriate.

It’s also important that you see if flowers are appropriate for the funeral you plan or attend and if they align with the religious beliefs of the deceased or their family. In some religious communities like orthodox Jews, sending flowers in sympathy is not considered appropriate.

Funeral casket flower arrangements are a symbol of love and faith

Flowers are a way of letting the family and the friends know that you are there for them, conveying your love for those you lost and symbolizing what they meant in your life.

Whether you’re sending someone flowers or are in charge of getting the floral arrangements for a ceremony that you’re planning, the right floral etiquette is what helps you express the right message during your final goodbye to a loved one.

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