Funeral Casket Flower Arrangements

Flowers have always been a part of traditional funeral ceremonies.

They are a meaningful way to express your love for a loved one who has passed away and can also symbolize who your loved one was as a person.

Sometimes, it can be difficult for you and your family to convey your true feelings about a loved one’s passing. By having flower arrangements at your loved one’s funeral, however, you may express your love for the deceased in ways that words can’t.

There are many kinds of flower arrangements that you can have at your loved one’s funeral—one of which is funeral casket flower arrangements. Also called casket sprays, these flower arrangements are set on top of your loved one’s coffin during visitation and the funeral itself.

Like many funeral flower arrangements, casket sprays can be personalized in many ways. Here are six funeral casket flower arrangements that you can try.

1. Casket Sprays with Messages

Every flower used in funerals has a meaning. If you want to convey a very personal last message to your loved one, you can arrange a casket spray with different flowers that symbolize parts of your loved one’s personality and show how you feel about your loved one in life.

For example, if your loved one was a close friend, you can include flowers that symbolize friendship, such as irises and freesias, in the funeral casket flower arrangement. Finding the flowers with the right message can be difficult when you’re grieving, so you may want to consider working with professional funeral services for help.

2. Seasonal Flower Arrangement

This casket spray style involves using only seasonal flowers. You can choose to have a mix of seasonal flowers or a collection of flowers that bloom during a particular season.

To make the casket spray more meaningful to your loved one’s memory, you can have a casket flower arrangement that has flowers that bloom during the month they were born.

You can also use seasonal flowers to represent your loved one’s favorite.

3. Cross Flower Arrangement

Arranging flowers in the shape of a cross is very common in Christian funerals, and it’s also a good way to symbolize your loved one’s devotion to religion before their passing. You need not limit the shape of the funeral flower arrangement to just crosses. Based on the religious beliefs of your loved one, you can opt for other religious iconography as well.

If you’re not sure about using religious symbols in your loved one’s funeral flower arrangement, speak with the church or other religious institute your loved one was a part of.

4. Monochromatic Casket Sprays

This flower arrangement style for caskets involves using three or more flowers of different shades of the same color. It’s a simple but elegant casket spray style that works well if you want to keep funeral flower arrangements as simple as possible.

If your loved one had a favorite color, you can try creating a monochromatic casket spray using three flowers of different shades of that color. This can be a beautiful way to let people know a little bit about your loved one.

5. Sports Team Flower Arrangement

If your loved one was a sports fan in life, you can symbolize your loved one’s love for sports and their favorite team using a casket spray. You can do this by shaping the casket spray in the shape of something related to the sport, such as a football or the logo of a sports team.

To make the casket spray more meaningful, try to create the casket spray with the colors of the sports team. Make sure to find flowers that come in colors that match the colors of the team.

6. Heart-Shaped Casket Spray

By shaping the casket spray like a heart, you can show the affection you have for your loved one. This type of casket spray style is commonly used for the funerals of spouses and partners, but it can be used to show affection for anyone who meant a lot to you and your family.

You can choose to go for a traditional solid heart shape made from roses or any other type of red or pink flower, or you can choose a heart shape that’s empty in the center. The empty space can be used to house a picture of your loved one or have a collection of flowers of a different color.

Funeral casket flower arrangements can tell a story

Expressing your feelings with words can feel impossible after losing someone you were close to. However, funeral flowers can make it easier to convey special messages to loved ones after their passing, and to tell their story in a beautiful way.

With a gorgeous casket flower arrangement, you can give your loved one a meaningful send-off and let everyone know how much they meant to you and your family.

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