Family Memorial Funeral Services

Losing a loved one can be an overwhelming experience for you and your family.

When a loved one passes away, you may feel like you won’t get the chance to tell them how much they meant to you or get the chance to celebrate their life.

When you hold a memorial service for your loved one, you’ll get one last chance to remember how your loved one was in life and celebrate a life well-lived. The memorial is a time for sharing and reflection that will allow you and your family to support one another through sadness and pain, and find strength in one another.

It can be very hard to accept the passing of someone close to you but a memorial service may help provide some closure for you and your family, help you start the grieving process, and eventually, accept your reality.

There are several elements in family memorial funeral services, and we’ll explain each of them to help you plan out a meaningful memorial service for your loved one.

1. The Location

The memorial service can be done after the burial of your loved one. Unlike the funeral, you need not limit the location of the memorial service to the funeral home, church, or other place of worship.

The memorial may be held at a park, community center, or a place that was significant to your loved one when they were alive. It can also be held at the home of your loved one.

2. The Host

Most memorial services have a person assigned to host it. This doesn’t have to be you and you can choose someone from your family or a religious leader to take on the role.

If you plan to choose a family member as a host, ask them if they’re comfortable with speaking in front of people and give them all the details of the service beforehand.

3. The Service Program

The service program is a document that will list down everything that will happen during the memorial service. It serves as a guide for guests to understand the sequence of events, the names of the host and speakers, hymns, details of the deceased, and the eulogy.

You may also include lyrics from your loved one’s favorite songs and poems in the service program.

The program can be sent to guests before the memorial service or physical copies of the memorial program may be placed on the seats your guests will be sitting on.

4. The Readings

Readings give your loved one’s friends and close family a chance to express love and affection. Most memorial services have up to three readings, but there is no limit to the number of readings you can have.

During the readings, friends and family members can also recite poems and biblical verses. Readings give you and your family the chance to express how you feel about losing someone close to you and honor them.

5. The Eulogy

This is a speech given by you or someone close to your loved one in honor of your loved one’s memory. The eulogy may also be delivered by a member of the clergy.

A well-written eulogy can evoke memories of your loved one and offer comfort to everyone attending. You may have more than one eulogy prepared for the memorial; if this is the case, each should be kept brief.

6. The Post-Memorial Reception

After the main memorial service concludes, the post-memorial reception may take place at a different location, such as the home of your loved one.

The reception gives guests and family a more casual environment where everyone can communicate and give each other support. During the reception, you may choose to offer catered refreshments.

Get in touch with a family memorial funeral services provider

A memorial service can be held at any time after your loved one’s funeral. This will give you and your family time to go through the grieving process and find ways to heal and come to terms with your loss.

It’s never easy accepting the loss of a loved one, but a memorial service with the assistance of providers of professional funeral services may help ease the pain by allowing you and your family to celebrate their life and the person they were in life.

If you need help with planning the memorial service, get in touch with a family memorial funeral services provider in your area.

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