Cremation Planning Checklist

When a loved one passes away, you may be faced with the difficult decision of how you’re going to give them a meaningful farewell.

One way to lay your loved one to rest is through cremation, but this may not always be an easy choice.

Cremation is the process of burning your loved one’s remains. Even if your loved one did not specify cremation after their passing, it’s still an option, but the idea of cremating your loved one may hold you back.

If you wish to cremate your loved one, but you’re not sure how to go about it and what you should consider, we have compiled a cremation planning checklist to help you with this difficult process.

1. Read your Loved One’s Will Carefully

After the passing of your loved one, if they left behind a will, make sure to read it thoroughly to see if your loved one has specified a method of burial.

If they have specified cremation, you may abide by their wishes. However, if they haven’t specified any burial method in their will, you will need to choose one.

2. Speak to the Family

If you decide to cremate your loved one, bring the family together and speak to them about your decision. Tell them why you chose this option and hear each of their opinions on your decision.

Some of your family members may be resistant to the idea of cremation, so only go forward with your decision if everyone agrees to it. It’s a difficult decision, but it’s always best to keep everyone informed about it.

3. Choose a Funeral Home

After you and your family have settled on cremation for laying your loved one to rest, you need to find a funeral home that offers cremation services in Pittsburgh. Not only can these funeral homes carry out the cremation, but they will also provide an urn for your loved one’s ashes afterward.

Also, if you wish to have a funeral service before cremation, the funeral home can help you with the planning process.

4. Set a Date for Cremation

Making quick decisions can be difficult when you’re grieving the loss of a loved one. But if you’re choosing cremation, you will need to set a date as soon as possible.

This is because cremation must be carried out no more than 5-7 days after the passing of your loved one.

5. Decide on a Ceremony

If you want to hold a funeral service for your loved one before the cremation, you should decide on what kind of ceremony to hold.

You can choose to hold a traditional funeral service at a place of worship or a funeral home and have a memorial service afterward.

6. Consider Clothing and Keepsakes

Before cremation, you can choose to have your loved one dress in clothes that have meaning to them. For example, if your loved one was a veteran, you may choose to have them cremated wearing their uniform to honor their service or have them wear one of their favorite outfits.

You may also include keepsakes in your loved one’s cremation casket, such as military medals, their favorite books, or any object that they were very attached to in life.

7. Know What to Do with the Ashes

After the cremation, you will need to decide how to handle your loved one’s ashes. You may choose to have the ashes placed in an urn and buried in a cemetery, or you and your family can keep the urn to remember your loved one.

It’s also important to check your loved one’s will; have they specified what they want done with their ashes? If so, proceed as per their wishes. You can also choose to spread the ashes of your loved one at a place that was of significance to them.

Speak to a funeral home about a cremation planning checklist

Coming to terms with the cremation of a loved one is not easy, even if it’s your loved one’s choice. If you’re not sure how to get through this difficult choice, speak to a funeral home about a cremation planning checklist and work with them to help manage the process.

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