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Losing a loved one is never easy, and as they pass on, you’d want to make sure that they’re given a funeral service that truly represents them and their character.

When you’re bestowed with the responsibility of organizing a funeral, however, you may miss a few important details along the way. But that’s okay. When you’re mourning the loss of a loved one, it’s normal to feel overwhelmed.

What could help, however, is the assistance of a funeral home. With close communication, the funeral home will be able to provide you with the proper guidance you require and also be in charge of getting things in order on your behalf, giving you the time and space you need to spend with your family and on a healthy healing journey.

There are many aspects of a funeral service, from choosing a coffin and an urn to selecting flower arrangements and a grave, but there are also other important details when planning a funeral service, like funeral memorabilia. Funeral memorial cards in particular used to include only minimal details, like the deceased’s general information, but this has now changed.

Many people are opting to actually celebrate the memory of their loved ones who have passed on without solely viewing a funeral as a somber occurrence. People are now incorporating “anything but black” themes in funeral services and other creative and unique ideas to cherish the memories that they had with their loved ones.

In this blog post, let’s look at a few ways funeral memorial cards can be creative and poignant to celebrate a life.

Include a Life’s Journey Map

Everyone has their own lives they have lived, along with their ups and downs. When you’re organizing a funeral for your loved one, you’d want to make sure you’re depicting their life in a way that reflects and complements the journey they took. You’d want to make sure that you celebrate them to the fullest.

Funeral memorial cards that look like maps to remember this lovely journey, mark important events, locations, and accomplishments that helped to define the life of the deceased come with a touching sentiment and offer a glimpse into the life of your loved one at a glance. Add a statement like “Remembering the beautiful path of life, filled with love and cherished moments” to complete it.

Incorporate Branches to Cherish

Branches are an important part of trees and have been known to symbolize growth and life for decades. As an individual goes on with their life, they tend to go on different paths and without noticing, they’ve gathered so many memories and a wealth of knowledge on the way and grow to become their best self. Therefore, if you’re planning on capturing a long life that has been lived to its fullest, a design that incorporates a tree is ideal.

Create a funeral sympathy card with a tree along with branches and leaves on it. Write a word that symbolizes a trait or memory that helped define the person on each leaf. Helpful, kind, compassionate, and selfless are excellent words to inscribe on these leaves. You can opt for any words that remind you of the life your loved one lived too.

Include a Collage of Life

The eye catches more than what photographs ever could, but in their own way, photographs have the ability to tell millions of stories without actually having to use words. There is a sense of going back in time and a feeling of nostalgia that comes with reminiscing over pictures that were once moments when people were living their lives to the fullest and were their happiest.

Make a funeral memorial card in the format of a collage with images depicting various times from your loved one’s life. Set them up carefully to create a visual story about their journey, their passions, and the love they shared with their loved ones. Make sure the pictures are significant because the memorial card will have limited space.

Consider these creative yet poignant ideas when creating funeral memorial cards

Memorial cards are given to the bereaved at a funeral and they usually contain minor details and a picture of the deceased, but you are allowed to be creative and celebrate your loved one in a way that they would have loved, along with memorabilia that you and your family can always cherish.

Most funeral homes now offer the services that will help you get everything in order without having to compromise your time with family and friends during this difficult time, so consider speaking to a funeral home for help with not only funeral memorial cards but all other aspects of the funeral as well.

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