Urn Burial Containers

If you’re in the process of picking an urn burial container for a recently passed loved one, choosing one is never an easy task.

Not only is selecting a suitable burial container for an urn made challenging due to the multiple options available, but during a time of mourning, when emotions run high, it might be difficult for you to solely focus on choosing the appropriate container, especially when there are many other aspects of the funeral to take care of.

Make sure that you get the necessary help from close friends, family, or a professional funeral planning service to ease the process of selecting urn burial containers.

What’s the purpose of an urn burial container?

The main purpose of a burial container for an urn is to hold the urn that contains the remains of a loved one as a sign of respect and to honor them.

Most cemeteries require the use of a burial container for an urn if the cremated remains are to be buried.

When preparing for the final rites of a loved one and deciding on what type of burial container is most suitable for an urn, here are the two main types of containers that you can consider using.

1. Urn Vaults

Urn vaults are specially designed for burial purposes. These vaults are usually made out of polished cultured marble. The remains can be directly placed into the vault. An engraved plaque with your loved one’s name, dates, and a heartfelt message can be added if required.

Since this burial container or vault is manufactured using a strong marble material, the contents will be well protected from natural elements.

The benefit of opting for an urn vault as a burial container is that it beautifies the display of an urn during a memorial service or in the family home.

2. Cremation Urn Burial Containers

You may already have picked out your urn or you may have made the decision not to bury it. No matter your decision, you’re required to have a burial container if you plan to keep the ashes.

Burial containers are usually small boxes that are made to hold the ashes of your loved one along with a few keepsakes and other mementos that will remain protected even after it’s buried.

Most burial containers for urns are made of polymer, fiberglass, and stainless steel, which ensures that even after burial, the container remains intact and the urn inside is protected.

How can you make your choice of burial container unique?

Most burial containers for urns can be personalized by engraving names or a special artwork that signifies your loved one.

Once you’ve picked an urn, you can request the engravement to be done onto a plaque and attached to the container.

Another way to make the urn container special and unique is to get it in your loved one’s favorite color. You can even choose to add a photo to the plaque as well.

Don’t let the process of selecting urn burial containers overwhelm you

Whether you’re in the middle of planning a cremation service or you’re preplanning a funeral, it’s important to remember that you don’t have to make any decisions that you may find overwhelming alone.

Enlisting the help of a reputable funeral planning service can ease the burden and stress that you might be going through while grieving the death of a loved one. Most funeral services will assist you in making the right choice when picking a burial container for an urn.

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