Choosing a Cemetery

Where we will rest after death is one of the most personal decisions we will ever make.

When making the decision, however, there are several factors to consider, including the burial location, the type of funeral service, and the cost.

When finalizing these aspects, it’s crucial to do the proper research because choosing a cemetery is an expensive investment. Making these decisions in advance will partly ease the already difficult situation without adding more stress.

Whether you’re planning your own final resting place or choosing a cemetery for a loved one, the below-mentioned elements will need to be factored in.

1. Type of Cemetery

Cemeteries are typically divided into 4 main categories: public, religious, municipal, and national or veteran. Not all cemeteries operate the same and they differ according to location, state, and ownership.

  • Municipal cemetery: These cemeteries are open to the public and are a common type of cemetery owned by the town or city government
  • Private cemeteries: These are more restrictive cemeteries and are usually owned by a company; some of these cemeteries are run for profit and are likely more expensive than a municipal cemetery
  • Religious cemeteries: These are another common type of cemetery managed by a church or other religious institution; they are often only available to followers of a particular religion or the communities that surround it
  • Military/veteran cemeteries: These cemeteries are owned and maintained by the government and are only accessible to military personnel, veterans, and their families

The type of cemetery you choose is entirely up to you. If you’re choosing for a loved one, try to pick one that best aligns with their personality or views.

2. Location

Choosing a location is the most crucial part of the process when it comes to choosing a cemetery. One of the main things to be considered is whether it’s easily accessible for family members.

It’s best to discuss with the deceased’s family members and check whether there was a preferred location the deceased may have mentioned to them. If, however, you’re planning your own funeral, ensure your loved ones are left with this information so they can perform your last rites as per your preferences.

Once a place has been selected, the question of where within the cemetery you want to be interred remains. Is it beneath a tree, close to a body of water, along with a specific view, or in a location that is quickly reachable by car? Make sure these details are provided if the situation allows it to be.

3. Cost

Each cemetery is unique and has its own fees. You must, therefore, inquire immediately with the cemetery you choose about their options and fees. Remember that there frequently are multiple separate costs:

  • The price of the mausoleum space, columbarium niche, or burial ground
  • The price of the actual burial, including grave opening and closing fees and memorial monument costs
  • The general maintenance costs that the cemetery grounds may levy, which are sometimes included in what is referred to as “perpetual care”

Occasionally, the cemetery will work with families to arrange for a grounds crew to take care of the upkeep of their sites—this is a service your funeral service provider can help mediate.

4. Rules and Regulations

Rules and regulations differ from cemetery to cemetery and the laws of different states affect how burials are conducted.

For example, due to maintenance, some cemeteries don’t approve or allow for floral arrangements or personal decorations.

Be sure, therefore, to check ahead of time what the rules and regulations of your preferred cemetery are.

Hire a professional funeral service provider to help you in choosing a cemetery

There’s a lot to think about when choosing a cemetery, but considering the mentioned factors would be a good first step toward making this difficult decision.

A funeral service provider can help with the decision-making processes of planning a funeral and help ease the high-running emotions during a stressful time.

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