Catholic Funeral Flower Arrangements

Flowers are a powerful way of conveying the love and affection you have for a loved one who has passed on.

It can be incredibly difficult to speak your mind after losing someone close to you. However, even with the storm of emotions you and your family are facing, through Catholic funeral flower arrangements, you can express your feelings when words fail you.

Funeral flowers have their language. Each flower can be used to represent something about your loved one and you can piece together a meaningful story about your loved one’s life, who they were in life, and how they viewed themselves.

It can be difficult to decide which flowers are right for Catholic funeral flower arrangements when you’re grieving, so here are some helpful pointers on how to choose the right flowers for your loved one’s funeral.

Consider your relationship with your loved one

When choosing flowers for funeral flower arrangements, you need to consider your relationship with your loved one.

For an immediate family member, like a spouse, sibling, child or parent, the most common funeral flower arrangements include casket coverings and sprays that are made entirely of funeral flowers. For a very close loved one like a spouse or child, you can choose flowers that they liked in life or flowers that represent a special moment you shared with them in life.

Some meaningful flowers to include in the flower arrangements are chrysanthemums, roses, and lilies. For close friends and co-workers, the most common type of funeral flower arrangements are standing sprays and wreaths. However, this isn’t set in stone; you can choose flowers and flower arrangements that hold a special meaning for your loved one.

Understand the meaning of the flowers

Each funeral flower has a meaning. To beautifully convey your emotions towards the person you lost, you should select flowers that have a special meaning.

Here are some funeral flowers commonly used in Catholic funerals and what they represent:

  • Lilies symbolize innocence and purity and may be used at a funeral for a child
  • Roses represent love and affection, making them a good choice for the funeral of a very close relative like a spouse or partner
  • Carnations represent love and admiration, making them suitable for the funeral of a parent or grandparent
  • Chrysanthemums symbolize honor and loyalty and may be used for a close friend’s funeral

If you’re having trouble understanding the language of flowers, speak with a florist who specializes in Catholic funeral flower arrangements.

Consult your family and friends

If you’re uncertain about which funeral flowers and flower arrangements to choose, try consulting family and friends. Sometimes, your choice of funeral flowers and arrangements may not match your family’s requirements, so it’s always a good idea to discuss these aspects with them first.

Ask your family members if they have any specific flowers or flower arrangements in mind. After doing this, make a list and consult everyone again to make your final decision.

Consider personalization

If you want to make the flower arrangements more personal in honor of your loved one, consider following a theme.

For example, you can choose flowers that come in your loved one’s favorite color or you can mix and match different colors to represent a sports team your loved one was a fan of.

Also, you can choose flowers to create a certain atmosphere for the funeral. For instance, yellow flowers can be used to invoke a warm feeling.

Speak to the professionals about Catholic funeral flower arrangements

Flowers can help us convey our feelings in unique and meaningful ways. Losing a loved one is one of the hardest things in life and through flowers, you can honor your loved one in ways that may not be possible when you’re grieving.

If you need help with choosing the appropriate funeral flowers and flower arrangements for a funeral, get in touch with professional funeral services today.

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