Arranging Music for a Funeral

When arranging a funeral, a good way to honor the passing of a loved one is organizing music to be played.

It’s a simple and genuine way to personalize a ceremony and sets the tone for your service, whether it’s calm, sad, or uplifting.

It’s important to remember that when you’re arranging music for a funeral, the service is not only honoring someone’s passing but also celebrating their life.

Choose who will be arranging the music

Organizing a funeral is stressful. When it comes to music, you can opt to give control to your funeral director or choose to make it more personal.

Along with the traditional funeral services offered, most funeral homes will have music available; from classical music to popular songs used.

Typically, music is played before and after a funeral service. A common practice is to play a slideshow with music added to set the tone.

Think about what the deceased would want

If your duty is arranging music for a funeral, this is a good opportunity to consider the wishes of the deceased and represent them through their favorite music.

Find selections that were meaningful to them. This does not mean you must restrict yourself to sad or slow music—instead, consider how the deceased would like to be commemorated.

If they were known to be a joyful person, do not shy away from hopeful or uplifting songs. It can bring people together to celebrate the beauty of your loved one’s life.

Set the tone for the service

Music is integral to achieving the tone you wish to set. A popular choice is to consider music that depicts a strong message, brings back nostalgia, and stirs emotions.

It’s also helpful to consider the preferences of family and friends left behind.

In these troubled times, you can offer solace through song by finding options that can help the living cope with their loss. It may even help to ask for suggestions.

Before the beginning of the service when handling funeral preparations as well as preparing emotionally for the memorial, it’s best to opt for calming background music that won’t be distracting.

Research the lyrics of your chosen song beforehand

A song that may be beautiful otherwise may not suit a funeral setting.

It’s essential when arranging music for a funeral that you listen to the lyrics carefully to avoid any offensive or sensitive topics that may upset the atmosphere of the service.

If a song that means a lot to the loved one seems inappropriate for the service, a good alternative is using the instrumental track of the particular song.

Consider the religious aspect of music

Religion is of utmost importance when honoring the deceased.

The religion of your loved one should be considered when choosing music. For example, incorporating religious songs or hymns is a common option at most services.

When a service is being held at a religious institution, you should also take into account any restrictions they have about the type of music being played.

If you consider music an important factor in the ceremony, make sure to discuss your chosen location’s policies beforehand.

Decide between live and recorded music

Live music often depends on the choice of venue. If you have chosen a religious institution as your memorial service venue, options such as a church choir are a beautiful choice and can bring a calming atmosphere.

Recognize that many people would consider it an honor to perform at a funeral.

If you’re choosing personalized songs specific to the deceased, however, a prerecorded track may be better to do the song justice.

Arranging music for a funeral can help with mourning your loved one

Do not be afraid to ask for help when arranging music for a funeral as these decisions can be difficult to make on your own, especially during this difficult time.

Music can be a great aid in setting the tone of a funeral service, and it’s important to remember that as long as the music represents the wishes of the deceased, it will be the right choice for your ceremony.

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